Big Anka Necklace - VK297
Big Anka Necklace - VK297
Big Anka Necklace - VK297
Big Anka Necklace - VK297
Big Anka Necklace - VK297

Big Anka Necklace - VK297

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Gold-Plated Necklaces


• All of our gold-plated design necklaces are produced by using first-class materials.
• The material of our gold-plated necklaces is brass.
• You can use our gold-plated brass necklaces for a long time without tarnishing or fading if the instructions for use are followed.

Chain Length

• You can choose the chain length as you wish in our gold-plated necklaces.
• Its standard length is 50cm.
• You can combine it with different necklaces with 35(choker), 40, 45 cm length options.
• Necklaces have an extension chain of +3 cm.
• If you wish, you can lengthen the chain and make it 60 cm with an extra charge.


• All of our products are prepared in transparent packaging.
• All your orders are sent in our special Dazzlecave sealed kraft boxes.
• The first box is free in your orders, and for each subsequent box, you must add the Extra Dazzlecave Sealed Box to your cart.
• While creating your orders, you can write a gift note and add it to your packages.

Usage Recommendations

To ensure long-term use of your gold-plated design necklaces;
• Care should be taken to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes and creams.
• It is not recommended to enter the sea, shower, or pool.
• We recommend that you keep your jewelry in a closed box or bag so that they do not come into contact with each other.
Not recommended for sensitive and allergic skin.
Plated Material
Gold Plated
Material Used
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    Ücretsiz Kargo 150 TL ve üzeri alışverişlerde
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    Güvenli Ödeme Paytr ile güvenli ödeme
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